200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Begins Sept
Jul 12, 2019 - Sep 21, 2019
This teacher training is designed to take your personal practice to a much deeper level and prepare you to effectively transmit that experience in your own soulful way. Whether you want to teach or better understand and connect to this beautiful and timeless practice, Fuel The Soul’s 200-hour Teacher Training will inspire a wonderful beginning to your yogic journey. In this course, you will enjoy learning: • Yoga history and philosophy •Principles of Anatomy in application to the postures •An introduction into the energetic body (ie: Chakras and Koshas) • Introductory Hands on adjustments; how to adjust students safely and meaningfully •Sequencing; how to teach a creative, well-rounded, challenging Vinyasa class using the Ashtanga yoga sequence as a guide •Proper alignment; benefits and potential risks of yoga postures •Practice instructing and techniques for cuing with body awareness and recognition • The Art of Teaching students one-on-one •Pranayama and Meditation Techniques; Enable your students to experience body-mind integration and purification through yogic breathing. •How to include all eight limbs in your practice and teaching •The balance of opposing forces; stability and ease, firmness and lightness, strength and flexibility. This training meets intermittently throughout the Fall/Winter, giving you the opportunity to continue on your yogic path while keeping up with your day job. Dates/Times: Two weekends per month Fridays 6-9 Saturdays 10:30am -5pm , Sundays 10:30 am -5pm Extra or alternative days and times tba.