300-Hour Yoga Training Module: Low Back Rx (Sun Jan 12th 2020)
Nov 16, 2019 - Jan 12, 2020
The Experience: This module begins with a yoga warm-up class with Greg. Then we will revisit the musculature & skeletal structure of the lower back. We will then learn specific orthopedic conditions & pathologies (general low back pain, strain vs strain, pelvic tilts (anterior/posterior/lateral), bulging & herniated intravertebral discs. Next we will delve deeper into specific Asanas which help facilitate healing and rehabilitate the lower back. Indications & contraindications will be studied along with proper bolstering & support for your students. We will conclude with the Mind/Body connection & its relevancy in regards to pain. Sunday Jan 12th 2020 1pm-6pm $250 Before Dec 20th $275 Dec 21st-day of 40% off for current Fuel The Soul teachers ($165) ** Must be 200-Hour level or more to attend this Module Bio for Instructors: Lauren and Greg have been a husband-wife team for over 15 years and best friends for close to 25 years (long story). Together they are having fun raising 2 children, Jonah and Ella along with their dog Shiloh. They have been ardent health practitioners and healthy lifestyle professionals for over 33 years combined; Lauren being a Licensed Massage Therapist and a New York College of Health Professions Adjunct Professor, and Greg, a Licensed Gyrotonic Instructor and experienced Yoga Teacher.