Mar 31, 2020
Dear Fuelers, As news continues to be revealed about the Coronavirus, we want to inform you we are taking serious and proactive prevention measures at Fuel The Soul. Our studio is still open with our regular daily classes and our team is carefully monitoring all community spaces to ensure a clean and safe space for all. We urge you to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting Fuel The Soul. We are taking extra precautions when cleaning the studio, sauna, blocks, and mats. We kindly ask that if you have symptoms of a cold or flu to please refrain from coming to the studio until you are back to full health. To protect yourself, please make sure you are also following the regulations recommended by the C.D.C including: If coughing or sneezing, please cover your mouth and nose, and sneeze into your elbow rather than hand. When entering the studio, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap, and use hand sanitizer before entering your yoga class, sauna or massage session. Be mindful of touching your eyes, face or mouth. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe space for all, and we hope to see you soon! Lauren, Greg & Your Fuel Family