Open Level Ashtanga Vinyasa

Using principles and elements of Ashtanga Yoga, this one hour class emphasizes breath-control, rhythm , power, and grace to exercise and purify the body while simultaneously quieting the mind.

Open Level Vinyasa Yoga

Breath-synchronized movement to fuel the soul! Open Level Vinyasa classes can vary greatly according to the chosen poses and sequences so come with an open mind and willingness to explore the various and inspired sets as chosen by all of our experienced and knowledgeable instructors

Beginner Vinyasa Yoga

A slower paced and more descriptive version of our signature Vinyasa class. Breath awareness and formal relaxation are introduced.

Warm Infrared Yoga

75 minutes of Warm Infrared Yoga. The most healing, detoxifying, and natural heat you can use for the body in our warm inviting space combined with a powerful, healthy, challenging, yoga class.

Heated Hatha Yoga

An Infrared heated yoga class with focus on alignment of physical and energetic body and breath.  All levels welcomed

SOULAR Plexus Vinyasa

Core muscles stabilize the spine and pelvis, while alleviating back pain and improving posture. Come Join Us for a journey towards improving one’s core strength while simultaneously developing character, resolve and calm only a yoga practice can bring.

Kids Yoga

Yoga comes to life in this fun and creative class designed to stimulate a young child’s growing curiosity. Playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and imaginative relaxation techniques, teach children about their budding bodies. Sprinkled with music, picture books, and other age-appropriate props, we’ll spark the child’s inner Yogini while enhancing language development, motor coordination and play skills. Classes are an equal balance between active & passive poses.

Private Yoga at the studio

Experience a private yoga session in the tradition of Prampara (teacher to student) based learning.  These one-on-one sessions are meant to meet you exactly where you are with your specific emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.  From there, we tailor the sessions around those specific needs to make a more personalized and meaningful breakthrough via the use of Yoga.  Wether you are coming for emotional release,  physical rehabilitation, spiritual insight, or overall well being,  you can expect a deeply personalized and well balanced private yoga session with one of our highly qualified teachers at Fuel The Soul.     Private 60-minutes $90/Tandem $50 each person, Private 75-minutes $110/Tandem $60 each