Frequently Asked Questions

There is really no other way to feel the profound benefits of a Yoga Practice than to do it regularly, starting at least two or three times a week. Try the new members’ special: one week of unlimited classes for $20. Come to a beginner’s class or open level and tell the teacher you are new. If you don’t feel comfortable in a group, you can arrange for a private or a semi-private series.
Please try not to eat for at least two hours prior to a Yoga class. Your body will most likely be bending, twisting folding and it’s more comfortable to have less in the stomach. If you must eat something, try to have something light like fruits, raw veggies, juice, crackers, tea…etc.
You are not too old or too young to start your Yoga practice. We have children’s classes for the little ones, and yoga props and beginner and gentler classes for those whose bodies need something more subtle. We are all at a different “level” in our practice, but there are options for just about everyone. Please don’t let your age be a limiting factor in your development with Yoga.
We have mats available at the studio to rent for $2.00 (as well as cleaning spray to sanitize the mats after renting) and sanitizer for sale. You may bring a towel and water bottle, or water is available for purchase. We suggest that you drink a little before and after, but not during class. During the class, you will put effort into heating up the body and the muscles so that they can be lengthened and stretched – once you take a sip of water, the system is cooled, and some postures become more challenging because the body is no longer warm.
Wear comfortable clothing that allows your body to move freely. For heated classes, shorts or leggings and t-shirts or tanks are appropriate. You may want to leave your jewelry at home as well, so it doesn’t get in your way during some of the postures. No shoes in the room.
Fuel the Soul uses state of the art, Infrared Heat technology. Our Infrared is the same Far Infrared heat that comes from our planets most abundant and natural source of heat, the sun. It’s also that subtle warmth you feel when a person brings their hands close to your skin without touching it. The temperature in the room may range anywhere from 89-99 degrees. There are heated and non- heated classes on the schedule.
Please arrive 15 minutes before class so you can check-in and situate your mat in the room where you would like it. If you are new, please introduce yourself to the teacher. Kindly shut off your cell phone before class begins. If for some reason you cannot stay for final relaxation, Shavasana, please inform the instructor ahead of time. Please come to studio clean and avoid wearing any heavy perfumes or fragrances.
Then you have come to right place! Yoga is not about putting your foot behind your head or holding a position the longest… in fact, we encourage you to leave competition and ego behind, and learn to listen to your body. Yoga classes at Fuel The Soul focus on peeling back resistances, one layer at a time, to encourage transformation and growth. So you can find your own natural wisdom, rather than fighting it. The best way to become more flexible and focused is to start your yoga practice today!
We suggest speaking to your doctor, but in most cases yoga is WONDERFUL for pregnancy. During pregnancy, yoga can help strengthen body and mind for labor, as well as ease nausea, back pain and swelling. As with any exercise program during pregnancy, you’ll want to consult with your doctor before starting or continuing your yoga practice. At Fuel The Soul, all of our teachers are Pregnancy aware and will modify the practice to make it suitable for you. Just let us know before class so we can assist you and guide you through the yoga practice safely.