Edward Troise
Since my early teenage years I have always been on the path towards health and wellness. Each step along the way has always been to the best of my knowledge and abilities. As a competitive athlete and bodybuilder during those years I eventually found myself with a list of traumatic injuries, compensations, and disabilities. I felt as though my body was 3x older than I was. One day I woke up and decided maybe yoga would be a good start. From that day on it has been the most expansive and rewarding practice. Not only have my injuries and their set-backs completely dissipated but I had finally found a greater connection to life. The spiritual aspect came later and was unexpected. However, it is now the true driving force for my practice and a focal point of my teaching. I received my 200HR Hatha RYT through an immersive program at Seven Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, Arizona. With my focus on healing, spirituality, strength building, and a true balancing of the body I utilize my past experiences along with the ancient lineage of Hatha Yoga to create an environment in the classroom suitable for everyone and all goals.