Michelle “Ink” DeNicola
Guest Teacher
Michelle "Ink" DeNicola is a certified yoga instructor registered through Yoga Alliance. She completed her certification under the guidance of Laurie Ahlemann at Long Island Yoga School. Michelle started practicing yoga in 2005, which quickly became her passion. She also has a ten year history of dance classes, which has given her a great sense of body awareness. Michelle teaches a style of Vinyasa Flow/Prana Shakti Flow. You can expect an energetic flow style practice with different poses each time and lots of emphasis on the breath. She makes the classes comfortable for beginners yet includes enough advanced poses to give experienced students a challenge. If you're new, just set some limits in class and work on modified versions that will be suggested for the more advanced poses. The class should be fun, not an ordeal. Cheat, skip things, take a break and just breathe . You'll develop strength, endurance and mental focus over time. Each class starts and ends with a short meditation to get your mind and your body working together. With her fun music mixes to compliment her upbeat, friendly attitude you are sure to get a class that will not only make you sweat, but make you feel safe, welcome and relaxed.