Ereada® Far Infrared Amethyst Mat

Add to any massage for an additional $25
An FDA-registered mat that uses infrared rays, negative ions, red light photon technology and amethyst crystals to provide enhanced relief of numerous symptoms and deep relaxation.

The Ereada® Amethyst Mat has been shown to improve a variety of medical issues such as:

• Immune system function
• Circulation and cardiovascular function
• Pain relief
• Metabolism and weight control
• Joint pain and stiffness
• Stress and fatigue
• Skin health
• The removal of bodily toxins and detoxification
• Overall feeling of balance

The mat is built with a thick layer of 100% natural crushed, tumbled and polished natural untreated Purple Amethyst crystals infused in mesh fabric tubes forming the surface of the mat. Purple Ereada Amethyst FIR Heating Mats come with Static Metal Magnets, Copper Magnetic coils, and Bio Photon LEDs emitting visible monochromic Red Light with wavelength 660 Nm. These mats are characterized by a heavy-duty Titanium heating system with zero EMF emissions. Adjustable 86~158°F (30~70°C) elements warm stones to emit infrared deep penetrating rays. Red Light is excellent to fight occasional blue moods and improve the look and appearance of the skin.